4th Annual Carlota Acosta Parcheesi Tournament

Seems this Parcheesi tournament thing has really become quite the event in our family. We now play more often throughout the year in an effort to get some practice in (or decode our opponents’ strategies), and if we’re not playing, the conversation will still often stray to various related topics. Those topics will usually revolve […]

3rd Annual Carlota Acosta Parcheesi Tournament

Our family’s third annual Parcheesi tournament was another rousing success! Every year the contest grows bigger, and we added another four players this time around. As always, it was loud, it was fun, it was full of yelling, and certainly full of upsets. Plus tons of food. Oh, we can’t forget the Parcheesi cupcakes. Yes, […]

2nd Annual Carlota Acosta Parcheesi Tournament

Our family, the bunch of Parcheesi-heads we are, hosted our second annual Parcheesi Tournament this past January in honor of my late grandmother, Carlota, aka Mamita. (See this post with my tribute to Mamita and her love of Parcheesi.) It was a blast, filled with laughter, yelling, neck wringing, and tons of food. It was […]