Etsy Treasury: Margarita Day (Every Day is a Holiday)

(I promise, no Jimmy Buffett tunes.) Today is Margarita Day! And good thing it’s the weekend, so you can celebrate properly by tossing back a few of these classic Mexican cocktails. Margaritas are the most popular beverage made with tequila. It also has triple sec (an orange liqueur) and lime juice, and often has salt […]

Etsy Treasury: Almond Day (Every Day is a Holiday)

There’s something so alluring about the scent of almonds. Sweet but warm, soothing but uplifting. Their aroma and taste blend very well with many other food elements like honey, chocolate, and cherries. This makes the almond quite the beloved nut, and hence why we celebrate it on Almond Day. Given the world-wide popularity of the […]

Etsy Treasury: Madly In Love With Me Day (Every Day is a Holiday)

The days leading up to Valentine’s Day can be stressful for some people. Perhaps their significant other has high expectations for the holiday that must be met in order to avoid sleeping on the couch. Maybe they’re single, and having hearts and lovey-dovey imagery plastered everywhere only reminds them of their own loneliness. Or the […]