Wrapping Up the Crafts for the Shower

So the shower has come and gone, all projects for it finished and gone. It’s so bittersweet to create something, only to give it away. But I surely can’t create all this stuff and keep it. First, I sorely lack the space; second, sharing is kinda the whole point of it all.

These are the favors, all finished and prettied up for a mini-photo shoot. They went over very well with the ladies at the shower, with a few of them snatching up all the leftovers before anyone else could.

Tea infused soaps in faux teabags

Then there’s the treasure chest I finished for the mom-to-be as part of her gift. About a year ago, I’d made a pink one for another friend who had a baby girl, and I was excited to make a version for a boy. Designing these for girls is fairly simple: make it pretty and sophisticated, and they’ll probably love it for life. Boys aren’t so easily impressed, so I went with a somewhat understated pirate theme. I avoided all the juvenile pirate-y fabrics and found a bandanna with an antique map graphic, in hopes that he could still appreciate and cherish this piece into adulthood.

Boy's Treasure Chest - Closed

Boy's Treasure Chest - Open

Boy's Treasure Chest - Closeup

Here you can see some of the detail in the domed lid. The elastic can easily hold stuffed animals or whatever else in what would probably otherwise be wasted space.

Boy's Treasure Chest - Lid


Tea-Themed Shower Favors

So I mentioned in my last post that I would share my progress with the favors I’m making for my friend’s baby shower. Remember? The Mad Hatter themed baby shower? I know, it’s been so long and you’ve all been holding your breath. 🙂

The favors themselves are tea-infused soaps. Everyone will get three different varieties: one chamomile, one green tea, and one earl gray. Each will be in a glassine envelope and have a tag affixed so it will look like an actual teabag. The trio of soaps will be in little balsa wood boxes with a blue-tinted white wash. I found a harlequin ribbon reminiscent of the checkerboard pattern seen throughout Alice in Wonderland so that’s been attached around the rim of the lid. I created a ‘brand’ for the soaps (White Rabbit Tea Co.) and created textured stickers with a stamped rabbit to place on the top of each box.

These are the boxes themselves:


This branding and harlequin ribbon are also seen on the tags I made for the teabags. Your eyes aren’t going bad, it’s a blurry cell phone shot. 😉


The soap itself is made, but It still needs to be cut down to size. After that I’ll be putting them into the glassine ‘teabags’ and attaching the appropriate tags and stuffing them in the boxes. Once I have everything finished, I do plan on taking and posting better photos. In the meantime, these will just have to do.
I am also making something for my very pregnant friend for her shower gift. But until she sees it, I’ll be keeping that a little more secret. Don’t wanna ruin any surprises.
As always, more to come. Sit tight!