Etsy Treasury: Pig Day (Every Day is a Holiday)

Pig Day gives us the opportunity to honor an animal which is rather unique. Pigs are delicious, adorable and pretty darn smart to boot! At the same time, pigs have also come to symbolize filth and gluttony due to their love of mud baths and their willingness to eat just about anything. Aside from their […]

Etsy Treasury: Strawberry Day (Every Day is a Holiday)

Today’s holiday is Strawberry Day, which celebrates the humble strawberry, arguably the world’s most popular berry. I’m still partial to blueberries myself, but strawberries are yummy too, though I tend to not enjoy them as much if they’ve been cooked. For me, fresh strawberries are where it’s at, eaten straight up or dipped in sugar. […]

Etsy Treasury: Ferris Wheel Day (Every Day is a Holiday)

I know it’s Valentine’s Day, but seeing as I know that you know it’s Valentine’s Day and this project is about the lesser-known holidays, I thought I’d bring you Ferris Wheel Day instead. I suppose you could kill two birds with one stone and take your date on a Ferris wheel ride today, however I […]