Etsy Treasury: Doodle Day (Every Day is a Holiday)

I highly doubt anyone could truthfully admit that they didn’t doodle as a kid, especially while in class listening to a boring teacher give a boring lecture. I certainly did! I drew all sorts of stuff all over my notebooks, on the covers of my binders, on notes passed to friends, and maybe even on […]

Etsy Treasury: What If Cats and Dogs Had Opposable Thumbs Day (Every Day is a Holiday)

As busy humans, it’s easy to take for granted one of the things that has made our species so successful. Sure we’re intelligent, resourceful, adaptable, communicative, and whatnot. But we wouldn’t be able to do a fraction of what we do if we didn’t have opposable thumbs. Without them we wouldn’t be able to grab […]

Etsy Treasury: Pig Day (Every Day is a Holiday)

Pig Day gives us the opportunity to honor an animal which is rather unique. Pigs are delicious, adorable and pretty darn smart to boot! At the same time, pigs have also come to symbolize filth and gluttony due to their love of mud baths and their willingness to eat just about anything. Aside from their […]