Etsy Treasury: Ask a Question Day (Every Day is a Holiday)

Did you know that today is Ask a Question Day? Have you celebrated by asking a deep, philosophical question today? Or have you only asked simple questions that only demand simple answers, like a yes or no question? Will this entire blog post be made up of questions? (Don’t worry, I’m not that sadistic. Or […]

Etsy Treasury: Earmuffs Day (Every Day is a Holiday)

My first reaction when I came across Earmuffs Day was “Why is this holiday set in the middle of March?” After all, we’re only a week or so away from the official start of spring, and earmuffs are most handy in the dead of winter to keep our ears protected from the harsh cold. It […]

Etsy Treasury: World Math Day (Every Day is a Holiday)

Those of you who know me know that math and I don’t get along very well. We had a fight many years ago, and have barely spoken since. So it may be rather surprising to see me choosing to celebrate World Math Day today. Well, just because we aren’t good friends, that doesn’t mean that […]