Etsy Treasury: Strawberry Day (Every Day is a Holiday)

Today’s holiday is Strawberry Day, which celebrates the humble strawberry, arguably the world’s most popular berry. I’m still partial to blueberries myself, but strawberries are yummy too, though I tend to not enjoy them as much if they’ve been cooked. For me, fresh strawberries are where it’s at, eaten straight up or dipped in sugar. […]

Etsy Treasury: Handwriting Day (Every Day is a Holiday)

It’s no surprise that the art of handwriting has been suffering a slow and steady decline over the last several decades. With computers taking over just about all aspects of our lives and making things ├╝ber-fast, tapping away on a keyboard has become our default method of communication. Word processing, email, texting, smartphones and social […]

2012 Holiday Card

*Seeing as it’s our last day on Earth, I figured I’d get this blog post out a little early. The photos are from my phone and are poorly lit, but I do plan on taking better photos and updating them when I can. Enjoy the apocalypse everyone, and your holiday too, if the world does […]