Etsy Treasury: Ask a Question Day (Every Day is a Holiday)

Did you know that today is Ask a Question Day? Have you celebrated by asking a deep, philosophical question today? Or have you only asked simple questions that only demand simple answers, like a yes or no question? Will this entire blog post be made up of questions?

(Don’t worry, I’m not that sadistic. Or am I?)

Celebrating Ask a Question Day gives us the opportunity to do precisely that: Ask a question! Preferably one that you wouldn’t have asked otherwise, but there are no rules to this holiday as far as I know. Perhaps it’s a difficult question that was waiting for the right opportunity to be asked, or maybe you’ve just been wondering about something for a while and never got around to finding someone who could give you the answer. Everyone has questions that need answers, so there’s no reason for anyone to not celebrate! You probably already celebrated without even knowing by asking someone what time it was or asking your kids what they did in school today. That’s the beauty of a holiday like this: It would be next to impossible to NOT celebrate it!

Remember to take a closer look at the treasury and the featured items and shops. If you have any questions… well, you guessed it: just ask! Oh, and I nearly forgot… Have you seen the other Every Day is a Holiday treasuries that I have put together here? 😉

Click on the image to see the treasury on Etsy, complete with links to the featured shops and items!

“Every Day is a Holiday” is my Etsy Treasury project for 2014. I’m hoping to find unique and beautiful items that exemplify the holiday of the day—the sillier and weirder, the better! What’s better than finding something worth celebrating each and every day?