The Holidays Are Over… Sorta…

As some of you may or may not have noticed, I haven’t been putting my Every Day is a Holiday Etsy treasuries up on my blog. An illness and a freelance project were what initially got in the way last month, but the scope of the holiday project proved to be a bit much to blog about every single day, especially for someone like me who isn’t much for words to begin with. Between 50-hour work weeks, side craft projects, an intense job search and real life in general, it was hard to find the time every day to research the given holiday and write something about it. I am still creating the treasuries and posting them on Pinterest and my Facebook page, and in theory I could still post them here with just a simple image linking to Etsy. But without writing a little bit about the holiday and explaining how I relate to it on a personal level, it just seemed like a shameless traffic-driving tactic and I don’t want to do that.

I do promise to keep up with the treasuries themselves on Etsy (I may fall a day or two behind, but I will always catch up) and blog on here about what’s going on in my craft world. I recently made invitations for my niece’s sorority luncheon, and am in the middle of putting together another invitation for my brother- and sister-in-law’s tenth anniversary party and vow renewal, and I hope to take some photos and share those projects with you in the coming weeks. Plus, if I put together an Etsy treasury for a holiday that does hold special meaning to me, I will likely also include it here.

So thanks for the follows and support and comments and likes, and keep them coming! And though I may not be blogging about everyday holidays, I hope the message still rings true for you all: What’s better than finding something to celebrate every single day?

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