Etsy Treasury: Earmuffs Day (Every Day is a Holiday)

My first reaction when I came across Earmuffs Day was “Why is this holiday set in the middle of March?” After all, we’re only a week or so away from the official start of spring, and earmuffs are most handy in the dead of winter to keep our ears protected from the harsh cold. It was in the 60s three days ago for crying out loud! And then I remembered going outside to take the garbage out the previous morning. The temperature had plummeted to about 20 degrees with wind gusts that nearly knocked my off my front steps. (Not even joking about that last part. I was still holding the screen door handle when the wind blasted the door wide open with such force that it nearly pulled me right off the stoop.) Spring may be around the corner, but winter has not let up on the crazy firm grasp it’s held on us this season. So I guess celebrating Earmuffs Day in mid-March serves as a gentle reminder that you just might still need to bundle up. Spring will get here when she’s damn good and ready.

There are some adorable earmuffs to be found on Etsy! Some are crocheted, some are fur. Some are more like bands you wear around your head, some are designed more like classic headphones. Regardless of what kind you prefer or which color suits your fancy, take a look at what these Etsians have to offer your delicate ears! Perhaps you’ll find the pair that will keep you a little warmer next winter! Remember to see my other Every Day is a Holiday treasuries here!

Click on the image to see the treasury on Etsy, complete with links to the featured shops and items!


“Every Day is a Holiday” is my Etsy Treasury project for 2014. I’m hoping to find unique and beautiful items that exemplify the holiday of the day—the sillier and weirder, the better! What’s better than finding something worth celebrating each and every day?

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