Etsy Treasury: Tooth Fairy Day (Every Day is a Holiday)

Parents often tell their kids all sorts of stories about mythical characters, but only a select few ever pay a visit directly to the home when the children are fast asleep. We all know Santa stops by every Christmas to bring toys to all the good girls and boys, but who visits a few times a year? Why, the tooth fairy, of course! The tradition of the tooth fairy can be traced all the way back to the middle ages, pre-dating Old Saint Nick himself!

Side note: Ever see Christopher Walken describe what the tooth fairy does? He does in this scene from The Rundown, and it’s classic.

So for Tooth Fairy Day, take a look at all these adorable finds that make celebrating your child losing a tooth a much more adorable and enjoyable experience for the whole family! You can also visit my other Every Day is a Holiday treasuries here!

Click on the image to see the treasury on Etsy, complete with links to the featured shops and items!


“Every Day is a Holiday” is my Etsy Treasury project for 2014. I’m hoping to find unique and beautiful items that exemplify the holiday of the day—the sillier and weirder, the better! What’s better than finding something worth celebrating each and every day?

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