Etsy Treasury: Dump Your Significant Jerk Day (Every Day is a Holiday)

We’ve all dated jerks. Perhaps you’re dating one right now. Or maybe you have a friend you know is truly unhappy in his or her relationship. If either is the case, this is the day to do some dumping or encourage a dumping, because it’s Dump Your Significant Jerk Day!

Breaking up may be hard to do, but life’s too short to stay with someone who doesn’t contribute to your happiness and well-being. Take the time to do some soul-searching, and figure out what you want out of life for yourself. Imagine where you want to be and what will make you happy in five, ten, twenty, fifty years. Can you see that same person being in your life at all of those points in the future?

If it’s a friend who’s in the jerk-dating situation, tread lightly. Offer support, a listening ear, and an absorbent shoulder upon which to cry, but be careful to not interfere. While we love our friends and want the best for them, you may come across as a jealous wedge and damage your friendship in the process.

This treasury is full of things that will make you (or your friend) feel better. Gifts and sentiments designed to inspire, comfort, cheer up, and hopefully move on with grace. Visit the treasury and show some love! And remember to have a look at my other Every Day is a Holiday treasuries here!

Click on the image to see the treasury on Etsy, complete with links to the featured shops and items!


“Every Day is a Holiday” is my Etsy Treasury project for 2014. I’m hoping to find unique and beautiful items that exemplify the holiday of the day—the sillier and weirder, the better! What’s better than finding something worth celebrating each and every day?

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