Etsy Treasury: Belly Laugh Day (Every Day is a Holiday)

Laughter is good for you. Even science agrees! (Yeah science, bitch!) I doubt there’s a single person out there in the world who couldn’t benefit from a good chuckle or full-on cackle. It relieves stress, boosts your immune system, increases blood flow, and makes your brain release endorphins (awesome chemicals that give us a sense of well-being and can even relieve pain). It’s also promotes social bonding and helps to reduce interpersonal conflicts. Too bad they can’t bottle this stuff!

Belly Laugh Day reminds us to not take things so seriously all the time. Go watch a comedy, tell a joke, make fun of a friend (but only if you’ll be laughing with them and not at them!), find something—anything!—in a not-so-great situation that will make you giggle, even if it’s only for yourself.

Here are a few items available on Etsy that should in the very least make you smile. And if they don’t, go get your funny bone checked out! Show some love to the shops, favorite some items, share with friends. Don’t forget that I have a bunch of Every Day is a Holiday treasuries that can be found here!

Click on the image to see the treasury on Etsy, complete with links to the featured shops and items!

“Every Day is a Holiday” is my Etsy Treasury project for 2014. I’m hoping to find unique and beautiful items that exemplify the holiday of the day—the sillier and weirder, the better! What’s better than finding something worth celebrating each and every day?

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