Crafty Crown

My brother-in-law Eddie had a surprise birthday coming up, and his wife, Jen, requested that I make him a crown. Now, I could have made a simple paper crown with the pointy bits and called it a finished product, but I guess that’s just not how I roll. One fancy crown, coming right up!

I went to the big craft store not entirely sure what kind of crown I was going to make, let alone what I was going to make it out of. My first instinct was to find some sort of hat that I could add stuff to to turn it into a crown. However, the only hats I could find were either crocheted baby caps, big straw gardening hats, or baseball hats (with a brim that I knew would be difficult to remove cleanly). Once I found the chef’s hat, the rest fell neatly into place.

Ed's Crown

My supplies: one cheap, non-woven polypropylene chef’s hat, one plain red bandanna, metallic gold cardstock (18″ x 22″ sheet), 3/8″ red satin ribbon with gold trim, some plastic “gems”, and one clearance-bin gold jingle bell. (Some behind-the-scenes bits included red embroidery floss for sewing the bandanna and paper to the chef hat, and Tacky Glue to affix the ribbon and gems.)

EdWearingHisCrownAfter a couple hours, I ended up with a pretty darn nice-looking crown that turned out far better than I’d anticipated!

Once Eddie arrived for his party, I “crowned” him with my crafty little creation. He was a bit scared. (You see, he’s not exactly the silly hat wearing type.) And the bell? Well, it jingled with every turn of his head, which he found somewhat irritating. Of course, the slight embarrassment and mild annoyance were half the point, so mission accomplished.

Happy birthday Eddie! Just remember: We humiliate you because we love you!

6 thoughts on “Crafty Crown

  1. I love it! It looks like it would have taken you at least 2 years to make this. It’s that good 🙂 And every birthday boy should be slightly embarrassed on their birthday.

    1. I dunno Genie… I don’t think I’m good enough to warrant taking two whole years to finish this highly anticipated crown masterpiece. Only the truly talented require such time and patience. (Inside joke, folks. ;)) Thank you though! 🙂

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