2012 Holiday Card

*Seeing as it’s our last day on Earth, I figured I’d get this blog post out a little early. The photos are from my phone and are poorly lit, but I do plan on taking better photos and updating them when I can. Enjoy the apocalypse everyone, and your holiday too, if the world does indeed keep spinning!*

For the last several years, I’ve made my own holiday cards to send out to friends and family. There’s a certain satisfaction I get from knowing that no one else in the entire world is going to give the card that I’m going to give, and that a beautiful handmade card will make a far greater impression than any standard store-bought one. I’ve actually started to become a bit of a greeting card snob. I try not to buy them at all anymore (unless I simply don’t have time or inspiration, of course).

After making this Wedding Card, I was toying with the idea of somehow using string again. No self-tying knots needed of course, but perhaps I could hang something from the string. The question was: What?

I thought about paper ornaments. Nah.

Icicles? *yawn*

Snowflakes? *zzzzz*

How about Christmas lights? DING-DING-DING!

Working out the logistics of how to do this in a manner that my perfectionist brain would be happy with proved to be a challenge. One thing I struggled with was how to neatly handle the ends of the string. The way I had this planned out in my head would have the string begin and end at the back of the card, spanning both sides of the inside spread as well as the front of the card. Since real Christmas lights often have one lone light at the end and a plug at the other, I created the outlet illustration for the back of the card so the lights could “plug” into that and would simply add one last bulb to the other end of the string. I found an egg-shaped paper punch that worked perfectly for the bulbs and I trimmed all the “sockets” by hand (using a corner-rounder to neatly trim one end into a nice, natural curved shape). I then strung the string through the card, hung and glued each light individually, then plugged it in so to speak. 🙂

Paisley Avocado 2012 Holiday Card Outside

Paisley Avocado 2012 Holiday Card Inside

I love how these came out. I think these are my favorite of all my card projects ever.

Now I have to figure out how to top this for next year…

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