Hey World: STFU!

I am far from well off. As such, I live in a very densely populated suburban area with neighbors all around me in somewhat close quarters. And I wish I could get some peace and quiet.

My neighbors to the sides of me are no problem. It’s the upstairs family, the dog behind me, and the motorcycles and car alarms out front that annoy me the most.

When my husband and I first saw this apartment, we were told the upstairs tenants were just a mother and her adult daughter. We’d turned down nicer apartments because of toddlers in the unit above (hubby’s a musician and would not appreciate being woken up in the morning by someone else’s running and screaming terror after getting home from a gig just a few hours before) so we thought this was perfect. Well, not so much.

Not long after we settled in, the daughter’s boyfriend joined them upstairs. (Why a guy would want to move in with his girlfriend and her mother is beyond me, but to each his own.) Then we noticed they’d gotten married on a random Tuesday. Yup. Pregnant.

The infant times weren’t so bad, despite her crib being in the room just above our bedroom. Her cries were soft and didn’t carry too far. But we knew by 18 months, she’d develop one hell of a scream and start running around. And boy did she. She’s a typical bratty toddler: crying for every who-knows-why reason, running back and forth, dropping heavy objects. *sigh*

One night at midnight, my husband and I had just started drifting into dreamland when she must have awoken from a nightmare. She was screaming bloody murder, calling for mommy. And from what I could hear, her parents did nothing. She calmed down after five full minutes, but 15 minutes after that, just as we’d started to fall asleep again, she started the cycle all over again.

Now I get that you don’t want your kids to learn that screaming gets you what you want, but holy crap! You know you have neighbors with a bedroom just below and you know what time it is. Have some respect and at least take her into another part of the apartment!

The kicker? She had another baby this spring. Joy!

And then there’s Rocky. He’s the dog in the yard behind ours. Seems like a sweet dog, except his owners like to just leave him tied up in the yard. And he barks. He barks a lot. Sometimes as early as 7:00 am. Often throughout the morning, into the afternoon, and on into the evening.

I think Rocky has separation anxiety, because he will sit in the yard looking forlorn in the direction of the house, barking away as if to say, “Hey! Hey guys! Where are you guys? Come back! Come back and play with me! Hey! HEY!!” But then he’ll also bark at everything else. If he sees a squirrel, forget about it. The squirrel’s very existence and proximity will cause him to bark with reckless abandon. Not sure if he wants to scare it away (the squirrel couldn’t give a shit less and ignores him) or just have a friend to play with. I think it’s the latter.

And then there are the people in the neighborhood with the choppers, and the other people in the neighborhood who have their car alarms set so sensitive that they go off whenever said choppers ride by. Personally, I don’t get motorcycles. I especially don’t get why they have to be so damn noisy. But I also don’t get why people insist on letting their car alarms go off when one goes by. This happens at least twice a week. Thankfully this is usually in the evening, so it’s not like it’s waking me up. Seriously, tone down the sensitivity.

One day… one day… I hope to be able to afford to live in a house on a larger piece of land where my neighbors are more spread out so the noise is more subdued. All this noise pollution is driving me mad.

I’m off to blast some heavy metal now.

7 thoughts on “Hey World: STFU!

  1. The site is not searchable by Google. It would take a bit of investigating to find a link to this, and I think they’ve got bigger things to worry about than searching for things I say on the Internet. But who knows. 🙂

  2. Wow! I’m in big V’s on-line garden shed! (Should I take my shoes off? Wait, what’s that noise?)

    We suffered with close proximity throwback neighbours for seven long years, til we got the money to move. Never, ever, ever, again.

    I was just wondering though, have you considered those noise cancellation headsets? They’re much smaller than they used to be. i have no idea if they’d be effective against baby cries, but sounds like you’re grasping at straws right now preparing for the worst to come.

    I hope something can be worked out.

    Merry Christmas V!

    – Broacher

    1. Noise headphones aren’t a bad idea, but I’m guessing it wouldn’t be such a good idea to sleep in them. Need to hear that damn alarm clock. Though the older daughter has now taken to having temper tantrums in the morning before the alarm starts going off, complete with her father yelling at her to shut up (classy, right?). Again, right above our bedroom.

      Thanks for visiting Broacher! Hope you have some good holidays too!

  3. Oh man. I just moved into my first apartment in November. Thankfully they’re all one story, so no one upstairs to worry about. When I first moved in my neighbor next to me was a quiet truck driver who was gone for weeks on end. I’m a quiet person myself so we had a good neighborly relationship. Then I guess he moved out, because I haven’t seen him since, and now this noisy couple has moved in. They blast the TV at night, bang on the walls often for some reason, and on the weekends I have to risk hearing unwanted noises from the bedroom end of the apartment. I’m close to calling the office about it.

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